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    Πολιτικός Γάμος

Αγία Πελαγία Τ.Θ. 65 - 71414 Ηράκλειο, Κρήτη, Ελλάδα. Τηλ.: 0030 2810 811072,e-mail: MH.TE. 1039Κ014Α0182400
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Jet2holidays - quality award

Blue Bay Resort Hotel

The Corporate Reputize Index™ is an aggregate score measuring the reputation of all your properties at a given point of time. It is based on data aggregated from more than 100 online sources for each of your properties. more...

Reputize Index™
Blue Bay Resort Hotel
Agia Pelagia Crete Greece
88.0/ 100
6670 reviews
Covid-19 iso-22000 iso-9001 qs-covid-19
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